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    Niels Stensen Fellowship Conference 2023 - Science & Happiness


    On Thursday, August 31, 2023, the Niels Stensen Conference took place at Antropia in Driebergen again.

    On this sunny day, we delved into the meaning of happiness in our scholarly work. The KASKI report showed that scientist highly value the freedom to choose and usually feel safe in their work environment. However, often there is a shortcoming in opportunities for promotion and female respondents still suffer from the ‘glass ceiling’. Evangelia Demerouti made us realize how much happiness depends on our spiritual well-being, fueled by work in which we experience autonomy above all else. Carlo Beenakker's reflections echoed that happiness also arises to wondering and the sudden emergence of 'happy thoughts,' thoughts on which you can lean for a whole scientific life.

    The intensive Q&As and discussions made us realize that happiness is a rare commodity that must be cherished. Happiness in your life can also be distributed. A social function that not everyone was aware of. It was nice to be with like-minded people. They left us with the following quotes:

    • They make people think and feel differently. Very enriching.
    • Every year again an highlight.
    • A yearly moment to look out for!
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    Sneak preview survey results

    Sneak preview survey results

    The results of our survey on academic happiness among Niels Stensen Alumni are in. Click here for a sneak preview.
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