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Our History

Since the early 1960s, the Niels Stensen Stichting - renamed the Niels Stensen Fellowship in 2012 - has awarded grants to enable young postdoctoral students to gain international experience abroad early on in their careers. More than a hundred fellows have become professors at renowned academic institutions.

Niels Stensen Fellowship

About Niels Stensen

The Dane Niels Stensen (1638–1686), also known by his Latinised name of Nicolaus Steno, was a brilliant anatomist, natural scientist and geologist.

After studying medicine in Denmark, he left for the Netherlands, where he studied and carried out research in Leiden and Amsterdam.

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Niels Stensen Fellowship

How the Brenninkmeijer family relates to the Niels Stensen Fellowship

The Niels Stensen Fellowship is a programme by Porticus. Porticus is a family philanthropic organisation that coordinates the philanthropic endeavours of the Brenninkmeijer family business owners. Porticus’ vision is to create a just and sustainable future where human dignity flourishes. Socially committed researchers have an important role to play in shaping this future.

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