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    Bart Lutters

    Bart Lutters

    Behaviour and Social Sciences
    University of Utrecht


    Bart is a medical doctor and a historian dedicated to "rehumanize" healthcare by trying to understand the myriad ways humanity has related to and continues to relate to health and illness. His research focuses on the cultural history of the brain and the mutual exchange between medical practices and popular notions of medicine and the body. He also applies art-based research methods to explore and represent the past, based on his belief that history does not need to be limited to a written format.

    As a Niels Stensen Fellow, Bart will conduct research at McGill University in Montréal, where he will examine the way medical and popular ideas about the brain converged and shaped the work of healthcare professionals at the world-renowned Montréal Neurological Institute in the twentieth century.

    In his spare time, Bart loves to experience the present moment by connecting with the natural environment and engaging in outdoor activities.

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