Application procedure 2021

Nomination by two professors
Candidates must be nominated for a Niels Stensen Fellowship by two professors from a Dutch university or research institute. The professors must state clearly why the candidate being nominated should be considered for the grant, and, in particular, to give an opinion on their expectations concerning the candidate as an academic in the future and concerning the contribution their candidate will make to science in the Netherlands. 

We’re reaching out to inform you that the deadline to nominate young researchers for a Niels Stensen Fellowship has been postponed to May 9th 23.59

Both professors are requested to send us a letter individually of not more than one page, with the official letterhead of their university or institution, signed by them personally, and stating the home address and the personal email address of the candidate. 

The nomination letter can be sent by email to:

Application form
We will then email the candidates, inviting them to complete an online application form in which we ask them about their academic achievements and their research plans. Candidates are required to append a number of documents: a CV; an essay showing evidence of their social commitment and their vision in relation to ethical dilemmas; a list of their publications; an official letter of invitation from the host institute; a summary of their research project and an extensive work plan. 

Deadline application forms: 30 June 2021

In the application form, candidates will also be asked to designate three referees, at least two of whom must be working at a Dutch academic institution. Candidates are responsible for approaching the referees and informing them about their research project. The referees are expected to return their personally signed letters of reference direct to the Niels Stensen Fellowship through the website.

The Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee will review the applications and award seven grants at the selection meeting to be held mid-October. The candidates will be informed about the decision at the end of October. 


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