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Recommending Professors

Every year, the Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee awards seven grants to enable young, recent postdoctoral students to gain international experience abroad early in their careers. The committee is looking for young postdoctoral researchers who have shown outstanding ability in research, knowledge transfer and have a demonstrated high degree of social commitment. The fellowship is open to all academic disciplines.

Every candidate is required to  be nominated by two professors (no assistant professors) at Dutch universities. For the Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee, the recommendations from professors at Dutch Universities are a highly valued indication of academic excellence and potential.

If you would like to nominate a candidate, please send a letter of recommendation to the Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee before 20 May 2023.

In your letter (one page only), state clearly why this candidate should be considered for the grant and what contribution you expect the candidate to make to science and society in the Netherlands. Your letter should be written on the official letterhead paper of your university or institution. Please include the home address and the personal email address of the candidate and sign the letter personally. The committee will not share the letters with anyone, including the candidates.

The nomination letter may be scanned and sent by email to: info@nielsstensenfellowship.nl

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Niels Stensen Fellowship

Mihai Netea and Romana Netea-Maier: NSF alumni and a couple

Discipline: Internal Medicine
Years of recommendations: 3


Prof. Mihai Netea heads the department of Internal Medicine, Radboud University Nijmegen. Prof. Romana Netea-Maier is an internist-endocrinologist at the Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen. 

In their words: “Niels Stensen Fellowships represent the right boost for the career of a young scientist at the right time.”

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